Tsar Roasters

Russian Roulette Blend

$12 $16.99

Savage Coffee Blend With a kick to it, 6/6 chance you'll fall in love with this blend...

Russian Roulette contains notes of dark chocolate, cherry, citrus/slight fermentation of fruit taste with a smooth aftertaste. Overall a very balanced cup. Roasted medium to dark.

Our Coffees are sourced specially for people who enjoy artisan grade coffee! This blend is not for the faint of heart, It contains various notes and flavors that will communicate to your taste buds that this is what you've been missing out on as a coffee connoisseur. Our cup scores range from 80-85 on most batches and you being the customer will be getting the most value for your money... We hope that you are satisfied with our quality and our delivery and for any reason that you might not be, we offer a 60 money back guarantee. 

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