We are young, hip, optimistic former communists straight from the soviet regime. We are Slavic's living in America who want to tell an entertaining story of politics, history and truth. We are dedicated to serving our local Slavic community as well as the rest of the United States with excellent fresh roasted coffee as well as wonderful customer service. Our passion is to share artisan coffee with everyone who is not a communist, and any people group who loves high quality coffee. We keep a young cheerful vibe in our company to keep people aware that its good to be young at heart. We've partnered with many roasters in Chicago, California, and Washington to ensure you receive a great blend/single origin coffee or K Cup that pleases your taste buds. With Tsar Roasters you're paying for imperial quality coffee and customer service, if there is ever an issue with your order we'll take care of you. We are not necessarily the cheapest but we strive to give you a Tsar like experience.


Our Why-

I feel like a lot of Slavic people living in America have been Americanized and have lost touch with the culture they were originally born into. There is nothing wrong with it but some of them have been silenced as well, feeling powerless, or afraid to share their cultural identity. With Tsar Roasters we want to express our cultural identity and express where we come from and share our culture in an entertaining way. Some of our cultural history is grim, some is exciting, but with Tsar Roasters we like to share more than just coffee but also a story of who we are, where we come from, historical and cultural landmarks of the former soviet states, and eastern humor. Born in Kharkov Ukraine and moving to America at the age of 1 I’ve seen the major differences of life in the United States as well as life in Ukraine. Our family moved to the United States at a time where there was much uncertainty, pessimism, and fear surrounding the future of our home country. Being 22 years old and loving to travel I began to see my home country where I was born for the first time in 20 plus years. Seeing cities like Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, and of course Kharkov I began to experience a major cultural shift in my perspective of the world. Through our coffee and our content we hope to convey our message of a new perspective in your mind, and through our high quality coffee a new flavor for your taste buds.

Best regards,

Nikolay Cherevan