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4 Single Origin Bean Coffee Sampler Gift

$21.99 $29.99
Roasted With Love! 

Enjoy 4 Single Origin Unique Coffee's that come from different regions, Coffee's will be made ordered to roast in order in the future to ensure you get the freshest and finest coffee for the perfect coffee connoisseur! These are specialty grade roasts that will make a great gift item! Sampler comes in 4 oz coffee bags with gusseted valve! (moka pot not included)

The Coffee's are whole bean and medium dark roast starting off first we have our

Rwanda Bulizia: Contain flavors of melon, green tea, tobacco/bold earthy flavor

Costa Rica Tarrazu: Light Bodied presents flavors of nutty toasted hazelnut, and fruity citrus

Guatemala Huehue Candeleria: Red fruit, unsweet cocoa, smoky flavor

Brazil Salmo: Well balanced cup containing flavors of dates,and dark chocolate (moka pot not included)

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